Greek 10-year bond yields falls below 2%

The impact of Lagarde’s appointment at the helm of the ECB continues

The Greek 10-year government bond yields fell below 2 percent for the first time on Wednesday, after the announcement Christine Lagarde was appointed as head of the European Central Bank (ECB).

In particular, the Greek 10-year bond fell below the 2% threshold and now stands at 1,986% with a potential to fall more.
The Greek bond yield is fully aligned with the course of the respective European bonds in all previous days, while Lagarde’s influence on Europe’s yields is particularly noticeable for the second day in a row.

Market pundits and analysts believe that Mrs. Lagarde will follow a loose monetary policy and continue on the path of her predecessor Mario Draghi. Germany’s ten-year bond yield, which is a benchmark for the EU, fell to its lowest level reaching 0.37%.