Greek Defence Minister Kammenos says he will resign if FYROM passes Prespes Agreement

Mr Kammenos said he would depart from the coalition government

Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos said he would resign from his post and leave the coalition government in the event the Prespes Agreement with FYROM was passed by the FYROM parliament. Speaking to the top brass at the 1st Army in Larissa Kammenos said: “I informed the outposts and staff who I met with that if the Prespes Agreement continues and was voted by FYROM I will resign from the National Defence Department, taking the burden of this responsibility, I will withdraw from the government,”

Mr Kammenos insisted that the Prespes Agreement was “dead” after the statements made by FYROM’s PM Zoran Zaev about a” Macedonian ethnicity and language“.

The Defence Minister claimed that the most recent statement by FYROM had made it clear that they had decided to continue their irredentist path, which he believed would inevitably lead to the obsolescence of the treaty, “which is already dead with these statements”.