Greek family of 4 gives 40% of income to taxes, OECD report says

Greece and France have worst system among OECD states

Greek and French working class families with two children shoulder the highest rate of state taxing burdens among all OECD countries, according to a report called “Taxing wages 2018”. As the data revealed, Greek and French see 39-40% of their income-earning withheld by the state.


The data concerns financials for the 2017 fiscal year, while it also showed that the direct and indirect withholdings were similar to the year 2000 (drachmas period), however, families enjoyed a higher income rate. In contrast to Greece and France, Hungary, Poland saw a drop in wage taxing, while it remained constant in New Zealand and Chile. The report also showed that Greece was 4th among OECD countries regarding the rise in labour tax. The report examines the aggregate impact wedge taxing (direct, indirect and other state contributions) has on yearly earnings.