Greek Football Federation (EPO) at loggerheads with UEFA-FIFA

EPO postponed meeting with teams and FIFA-UEFA reps unexpectedly

The sudden decision by the Greek Football Federation (EPO) to postpone the scheduled meeting between representatives of FIFA,  UEFA and the teams, Tuesday morning, on the matter of when and under what circumstances the Greek football league will start has caused the discontent of the FIFA and UEFA reps. EPO’s refusal to adhere the recent agreement for an overhaul in the system of how Greek referees are appointed and its arbitrary replacement of proper judges from the football league’s judiciary body has caused a rift between it and UEFA and FIFA, who in an unprecedented move sided the Greek government and against one of their members. Some board members of EPO are under immense pressure to step down, as they have been involved in felonious charges by the Greek courts regarding their involvement in the issue of the football players’ health cards. Meanwhile, Deputy Sports Minister Stavros Kontonis and UEFA rep Costakis Koutsokoumnis are confident a solution will be reached that will allow the new football season to start on time.