Greek government under fire over penal code that favours neo-Nazi Golden Dawn and criminal groups

The penal code proposed would halve prison sentences for extreme groups

The Greek government has come under a barrage of criticism after Justice Minister Michalis Kalogirou publicised the new penal code which includes very lenient prison sentences to members and leaders of criminal groups and organisations.

The new penal code put forward by the Minister for public discussion halves prison sentences from the current 10 to 20 to between 10 and 5 years, effectively favouring the members of neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn who have been on trial for the murder of Pavlos Fyssas for 4 years, as well as extreme left groups involved in criminal activities.

Major opposition party New Democracy (ND) called the move to reduce penalties for both criminal organisations and the making and possessing Molotov bombs were a “double gift” to Golden Dawn and the hooded thugs, claiming the code favours Golden Dawn and tolerance towards the extreme left groups.

The Greek Union for Human Rights said today the proposed penal code surprised all the democratically-inclined citizens as it would mean the leader and members of Golden Dawn would face more lenient prison sentences.
Even the SYRIZA youth leveled criticism against the decision saying it could “open a window of more favourable treatment for the leaders” of Golden Dawn, while not forgetting to point out that the provisions of the new Criminal Code reveal “a number of other problematic clauses”, and called on the Minister to radically change or completely withdraw them.