Greek MEP urgent quesion to EC on Turkish provocations against Greece in Aegean Sea

Ms Vosemberg called on the EP to respond swiftly and unequivocally

Greek MEP Eliza Vozemberg (Greece’s conservative party New Democracy (ND)) member of the EPP submitted an urgent question to the European Commission in the European Parliament, in light of the latest developments in the Greek-Turkish relations and the unacceptable claims by Ankara which disputes Greece’s sovereignty in its national waters.
The Greek MP called on the EC to explicitly and unequivocally respond to the destabilising stance by Turkey in the region.
The Greek MEP stressed that Turkey continues to exercise an aggressive policy against the sovereign rights of Greece, deliberately provoking tensions in the wider region of the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean, in violation of international law and good neighbourly relations, which Turkey must respect as a candidate country for EU membership
In this context, Ms. Vosemberg made reference to the provocative maps published by the Turkish Minister of Defence which excluded entire Greek islands, such as Rhodes, Karpathos, and Crete, noting that the Greek islands have full rights in their territorial waters, EEZ and their continental shelf.
The MEP asked how the EC intended to react in an immediate manner, explicitly and categorically to Turkey’s provocative and destabilising attitude, which deliberately violates the sovereign rights of a Member State of the EU? “