Greek MPs to be sworn in at 11 am

There are 5 more female deputies in the new House

The members of the new Greek Parliament will be sworn in on Wednesday in the official ceremony at 11 am in a plenary session of the House.

Out of the 300 deputies, 130 are either new or are returning to the House.

The new House will be composed of six parties, as the Potami party, the Union of Centrists, the Independent Greeks (ANEL) and Golden Dawn failed to elect candidates, and will be replaced by MPs from the parties of Greek Solution and DiEM25.

Ruling New Democracy (ND) has 158 MPs (from 75 in the previous period), SYRIZA 86 (from 145), KINAL 22 (from 17), KKE 15 (same), the Greek Solution 10 and DiEM25 9.

Female MPs will occupy 61 seats, 5 seats more than the last House.