Greek PM assumes Foreign Ministry

Kotzias resigned over a dispute with Defence Minister Kammenos

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has assumed the post of Foreign Minister, after Nikos Kotzias handed in his resignation, Wednesday afternoon, the Priministarial office said in a statement. Mr Kotzias was displeased with the PM’s stance over his dispute with Defence Minister Panos Kammenos during Tuesday’s cabinet meeting regarding the Prespa Agreement with FYROM. The move illustrates the intention of the Greek PM to push hard for the adoption of the agreement with FYROM.

Speaking to reporters outside Maximos Hall, Mr Tsipras said his decision to assume the Foreign Ministry signified his will and determination to implement the “historic” Agreement with FYROM signed in Prespa. Addressing FYROM directly, the PM said: “We will never accept the neighbouring country into NATO and the EU under its current constitutional name of Macedonia”.

The PM’s office thanked for the contribution of Mr Kotzias from his post in the Foreign Ministry.