Greek PM Tsipras and ND leader Mitsotakis go head to head in parliament

ND leader Mitsotakis says government should leave

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras and leader of major opposition party New Democracy (ND), Kyriakos Mitsotakis engaged in a heated debate on all matters in the Greek parliamentary plenum during a scheduled discussion on the results of the recent EuroGroup meeting. In his opening statement, Mr. Mitsotakis accused Defence Minister Panos Kammenos over his involvement with a prison convict sentenced for drug trafficking, as well as the constant pressure applied by Health Minister Pavlos Polakis on Judges. “The government is in institutional delusion and decline”, he said during his speech. On the issue of the Greek economy the leader of ND said so far the government had failed to follow through on any of its five promises that were the debt relief, primary surpluses and not implementing new fiscal measures. “The score in the match: Goals-Tsiprasm ended with 5-0”, Mr. Mitsotakis said. He went on to accuse the Greek PM that he had trapped the country until 2060. “You betrayed the future of the country and what did you get?”, he asked Mr. Tsipras.

Responding to the accusations, PM Alexis Tsipras exercised harsh criticism against the previous New Democracy government of Mr. Samaras, juxtaposing the results of the Syriza government as a “success story”. He said Greece would not turn into Pinochet’s Chile or Thatcher’s Britain, citing the country’s upgrading by Moody’s rating agency, claiming the country was finally turning a new page.