Greek PM Tsipras proposed Turkey be honoured at 2021 TIF, the bicentenary celebrations of Greece’s Independence from Ottomans

The proposal was revealed by

In a highly questionable move which is expected to draw negative criticism, Greek PM Alexis Tsipras proposed that Turkey be the country of honour during the 2021 Thessaloniki International Fair, as reveals.
Mr Tsipras tabled his proposal, which is already being dubbed “problematic” by diplomatic circles, during his meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara on February 5. revealed a document showing the Greek government officially proposed that Turkey should be the focus of the 2021 Thessaloniki Trade Fair, a year when Greece will be celebrating the bicentenary of its revolution and independence from the Ottoman Empire (the predecessor of the modern Turkish state).
In other words, the Greek PM -possibly in an effort to appease the Turkish leader (?)- suggested that Turkey be the centre of attention at the country’s largest event with global media coverage, on the 200th anniversary of the 1821 uprising against the Ottoman yoke.
It is difficult to overlook the symbolism of such an incomprehensible, and even humiliating, proposition…

The content of this unknown proposal is brought to light by, a second instance of a troubling concession by the Greek PM to Turkey, following information that the Turkish president revealed he raised the issue opening the of the Fethiye mosque in Athens, as a move of reciprocity when the Greek prime minister called for the reopening of the Theological School of Halki.