Greek students drink more than other EU countries, report says (read full report)

2017 European Drug Report presented in Brussels

Greek student consumer more alcohol than their European peers, according to a report released by The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), Tuesday. The report, presented in conjunction with the European Commission in Brussels, focused on at the latest trends in drug supply and use in the EU. Over one million seizures of illicit drugs are reported annually in Europe. Most of these are small quantities of drugs confiscated from users, however, multi-kilogram consignments of drugs seized from traffickers and producers account for most of the total quantity of drugs seized. Cannabis is the most commonly seized drug, accounting for over 70 % of seizures in Europe. Cocaine ranks second overall (9 %), followed by amphetamines (5 %), heroin (5 %) and MDMA (2 %).
Heroin is the most common opioid on the European drug market, with an estimated retail value of EUR 6.8 billion (likely range EUR 6.0 billion to EUR 7.8 billion).
More than 93 million or just over a quarter of 15- to 64-year-olds in the European Union are estimated to have tried illicit drugs during their lives. The most commonly tried drug is cannabis (53.8 million males and 34.1 million females), with much lower estimates reported for the lifetime use of cocaine (12.2 million males and 5.3 million females), MDMA (9.3 million males and 4.7 million females) and amphetamines (8.4 million males and 4.2 million females). Levels of lifetime use of cannabis differ considerably between countries, ranging from around 8 in 20 adults in France to less than 1 in 20 in Malta and Romania.
It is estimated that 17.5 million European adults (aged 15–64), or 5.2 % of this age group, have experimented with cocaine at some time in their lives. Among these are about 2.3 million young adults aged 15 to 34 (1.9 % of this age group) who have used the drug in the last year. In Greece, cannabis was reported as the most widely used drug.

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