Greek students take 4th spot in 2019 CanCast aerospace competition in Texas

It competed against 93 other teams

The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) picked up 4th spot in the 2019 CanCast student competition for design-build-launch for space-related topics
The Greek teams called “White Noise” from the NTUA managed to enter the top 5 best teams among a total of 93 teams with 94.756% points.
The annual competition was held in Texas, United States, on 14-17 June by the American Astronautical Society (AAS) and NASA and Goddard Space Flight Center support. The White Noise team was the first Greek team to manage to advance to the CanSat final stage in the US, where each year the world’s top aerospace college students showcase their designs and projects.

The study, design, and construction of the Greek team’s microsatellite for the CanSat 2019 competition lasted about 10 months and was carried out with the scientific and financial support of the Schools of the NTUA and the Research Institute of Communications and Computer Systems (ICIS).

The 2019 mission focused on the use of auto-gyro descent control of a science payload when released from the launch vehicle.
A point worth noting is that three Turkish teams were in the top 5, with the first and second spots both going to Turkish universities.