Greek team creates “future” wheelchair! (video)

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A Greek start-up offering disabled people an innovative, eco-friendly standing wheelchair is among the 30 finalists finalists in Chivas Regal’s “The Venture”, an international contest open to social entrepreneurs who are using their business as a force for good.
As Marios-Ermis Petrotos, one the people behind the projects explains: “We realised the need for a solution when we were hired to fully remodel a house, for someone with paraplegia due to an accident. As we lowered the cabinets, the light switches and made the toilets accessible, we realised that we could make the perfect house for them, but we couldn’t lower the rest of the world when they were not at home. Instead, we looked for a way to elevate wheelchair users in their everyday life.”
Laddroller is an innovative, eco-friendly and affordable standing wheelchair. It can instantly lift up to standing position, and back down, simply by using the power of the wheels and a little help from gravity – this 100% mechanical process prevents the risk of being stuck when battery runs low. The four-wheel drive also enables users to overcome difficult terrain, steps and gaps in the urban environment. Best of all, it costs half the price of existing solutions on the market. Laddroller needs the vote of everyone to win 250,000 dollar funding share from the 1 million. The final of the competition will take place in Los Angeles in July 13 after the projects are presented to a panel of judges and the audience. Vote here to support the Greek wheelchair
With a dedicated fund of $1M, “The Venture” is striving to enable social entrepreneurs around the world to scale and gain exposure.