Greeks getting “virtual divorces” to save money!

Single parents benefit from a series of allowances

Divorces in Greece are on the rise, as married couples are trying to take advantage of laws that favour singles regarding tax cuts. With increased financial burdens due to hyper taxation by the Greek government, couples are opting to get “white divorces” (a mutually agreed separation or a virtual divorce) to save money from the tax office, benefit from the 50% discount that singles enjoy on the ENFIA property tax, lower electricity bills and to be eligible for social welfare allowances. According to newspaper Ta Nea, divorces have increased by 20% in comparison to the years prior to the economic crisis. The piece says that more and more couples are selecting to declare they are separated to save money by submitting separate tax forms. In such cases, the wife usually receives child custody and is frequently taxes very little, or nothing. A low income leads to them becoming eligible for several allowances, as well as discounts on energy and property tax. As the report claims the “white divorce” is the solution to protect both the spouses’ first home from a possible foreclosure by banks.