Greeks walks less than many nations, large study shows

Survey studied 111 countries

The average steps a person takes on earth is 5,000, while a Greek person does 4,350, according to a study conducted by Stanford University in collaboration with Jure Leskovec with the use of an app called Azumio Argus which was installed on the participants’ smart phones in more than 100 countries. By comparison, Hong Kong is the most active nation, with its citizens walking an average of 6,880 steps per day, compared to an average of just 3,513 in Indonesia.
The researchers from Stanford University tracked the smartphones of 717,000 people in 111 countries as part of the largest ever study into human movement.
They found that Brits are fairly active compared to other countries, with an average of 5,444 steps a day, equivalent to less than three miles.
Scientists used people’s smartphones to gain 68 million days’ worth of data, and found that the average number of daily steps was 4,961.
The results of the study were published in the journal Nature.
A Greek roughly walks as much as the average Egyptian (4,315 steps), the average Indian (4,297) and the average Brazilian (4,289), but less than a Portuguese (4,744), a Romanian (4,759), a Turk (5,057) , a French (5.141), an Italian (5.296) and a Spanish (5.936).