Guardian: Nea Smyrni neighbourhood in 10 best in Europe

Its many fountains, trendy cafes and proximity to the centre make it the perfect choice for all ages

In a piece published in the online edition of British newspaper The Guardian titled “10 of the best city neighbourhoods in Europe: readers’ tips”, readers wrote about their favourtite neighbourhoods in Europe, one of which was Nea Smyrni in Athens. Others included areas in Kraków, Utrecht, Madrid etc.

From the Guardian:

Nea Smyrni, Athens

Midway between central Athens and the coast is the lush family-friendly neighbourhood of Nea Smyrni (tram from Syntagma to Aghia Fotinis, or an easy 25-minute walk). Its many squares are host to an interesting history: the neighbourhood gained its name from the former Greek city of Smyrna, now Izmir, from where refugees settled the area in the 1920s. Car-free Nea Smyrni Square is at the neighbourhood’s heart and is spectacular, with fountains, shops, restaurants, trendy cafes and bars to suit all ages, trends and budgets. With a plethora of outdoor entertainment during the summer, it’s a real find not on the typical tourist route. Venture beyond the square and you’ll find Nea Smyrni Alsos park, a large green oasis with aleppo pines, cypress and stone pines and good for strolling. It also has a jogging track, an outdoor gym and a cafe.