Hellenic Navy to get 4 Mark V SOC vessels from US Navy (photos)

Concession of vessels in its final stages, MoD Kammenos told Greek Parliament

The acquisition by the Hellenic Navy from the US Navy of 4 Mark V SOC (Special Operations Crafts) is in its final stages after Greek Minister of Defence Panos Kammenos informed Greek Parliament that the US sent the relevant letter of concession in January.

The vessels, which are a marine security/patrol/transport boats have been used by the Navy Seals Navy Selection Team for the past 20 years in missions around the world and will enhance the operational capabilities of Greek special forces.


“At this stage, were are in the process of checking their condition and then the Hellenic Navy is expected to issue a Sub-program Activation Decision (AEO), in order for the Hellenic Ministry of National Defence to implement, through the General Directorate for Defence Investments and Armaments (GDDIA), further actions within its competence for the signing of the Letter of Agreement (LOA GR-P-SCI).


On the financial part of the deal, Mr Kammenos pointed out that the cost of the deal would be zero. “The only cost involves the preparations for the transport of the vessels which will amount to 765,085 dollars, excluding the cost of transporting them from the USA in GREECE. The associated cost of transport to Greece will be borne by the Greek side and will be determined by the port of loading.”


A total of 20 MARK V special craft vessels joined the US Navy Seals in 1995 following the new experiences collected during the Gulf War. The US Special Forces used them as a high-speed penetration tool with the capability of carrying a group of 16 “seals” with a full outfit on missions up to 800km away from their base.

They are 25 metres long and weigh 57 tons, while they are capable of reaching speeds of up to 65 knots. They are autonomous for 12 hours. The vessel employs machine guns and bombs of different calibre and has the ability to carry Stinger missile launchers as well.