Hike on Mount Olympus with one click! (amazing trekking!)

Google offers unique chance to trek on two of the most popular paths on Mount Olympus

Most of us have probably seen those “people are awesome” videos circulating on the web, where intrepid daredevils showcase their skills in far off places from around the globe. Imagine being on the peak of the Olympian gods of ancient Greece! Well, let’s be honest, not all of us are cut out for those types of outdoors activities. But Google’s Trekker allows people to feel as though they are actually walking on two of Mount Olympus’s most popular paths, Gortsia and Prionia. The rare images were recorded collated by hooking 15 HD cameras onto a backpack giving a 360 degree panoramic views of the breathtaking scenery. The footage has been embedded into Google Map’s street view. Click on the image below and hike on the mountain where the 12 Olympian gods dwelled.