I am Muslim but will be baptised Alexandra, Turkish model says on Greek TV

The beautiful model said she was getting married to her partner and would become Christian

“I want to get baptised Alexandra because my spiritual father, though I am a Muslim, received me with a lot of love and he kept on calling me by that name”, Turkish model Neshan Mousalim said in an interview on Greek TV.

The Turkish beauty who was one of the top models in the 90s will soon be marrying Stelios Palogorgoris, an entrepreneur and a water polo player.
The motel spoke about the new leaf in her life and revealed that before the couple tie the knot she will be Christian and will receive the name Alexandra: “Our wedding will be in Chania, because my partner comes from Sfakia, but we will do and the second ceremony in Smyrna”, she told the panel of journalists”
During her interview, she said: “I am a Muslim, I have no question about changing my religion, I just did not feel it until today”