Immigration crisis causes a drop in Pope Francis’s popularity in Italy

The poll was published in La Repubblica

Pope Francis’ popularity has fallen in five years from 88% to 71%, according to a poll published in Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

Pope Francis remains the most popular Pontiff of recent decades, but according to Demos’ research poll, since his election in 2013, the popularity of the head of the Roman Catholic Church fell from 88% to 71%

The newspaper comments that this decline may also be due to the fact that the Pontiff was an outspoken supporter of the rights of immigrants and refugees, “while there is a climate of fear regarding demographic changes and movements “.

83% of the Democratic Party’s center-left voters say they appreciate the work of the Argentinian Pope. In contrast, only 73% supporters of the Five Star Movement and 70% of those in favour of the Lega 70% see the Pope in a favourable light. Finally, for young people aged 15 to 24, the popularity of the pope stands at 54%.