Infamous Twitter troll “announces death” of former Greek PM Antonis Samaras in fake post

The Italian hoaxer set up a fake account – The ex-PM is fine in his health

Former Greek PM Antonis Samaras was the latest “victim” of Tommasso Debenedetti, a notorious troll who tweets fake deaths of public figures.

Adopting his favourite tactic, which earned him global infamy, Debenedetti created a fake account with the name of the Minister to the Prime Minister for Government Coordination, Akis Skertsos, through which he announced the news of the “death” of Antonis Samaras in English.

“URGENT. Former PM Antonis Samaras dies at 69”, he announced through the fake account.

The Italian troll “boasts” having faked the deaths in the past of figures such as Fidel Castro, Mikhail Gorbachev and Pope Benedict XVI. He claims his tweets are aimed at exposing shoddy journalism that have earned him global notoriety.

Debenedetti calls these his “games” and appears unconcerned about any unease they may cause, saying that he comes out and claims the rumour as his own invention within an hour of sending the first tweet.

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