Iraqi refugee in Rhodes rapes and tortures wife for smoking

The man was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2017 but escaped capture

Both the judges of the Rhodes Mixed Jury Court and the audience were left shellshocked at the contents of the case file regarding the ordeal of a wife of an Iraqi refugee.

According to the court files, the man imprisoned, repeatedly raped and tortured his wife in 2017. Although the perpetrator had initially been sentenced to 10 years in prison for his actions, he managed to disappear and continue to physically and sexually abuse his wife.

In October 2017, the Syrian couple from Iraq had left the Kos Reception and Identification Center and settled in an island hotel. At some point, the husband “caught” his wife smoking, which led to him put out the cigarette on her arm.

That was the start of her nightmare ordeal, as her husband feared she would report him to the police for abuse and locked her up in her room.

The Iraqi man took her cellphone, tied her hands, punched her and pinched her with a syringe in her hand!

After he locked her up in the room he raped her. The next day she pleaded him to release her, but he replied that he would free her on the day the asylum interview would take place.

According to the local newspaper “Dimokratiki”, the accused invited two of his friends with the intention to gang-rape her. His friends, who had agreed to pay him for the “contact”, forcibly held her down, while the husband started raping her and violently beating. The woman started bleeding, which prevented the other two from also raping her.

Abused and battered, the woman found an opportunity to escape but her husband pursued her and beat her up again.

Nevertheless, she managed to inform the police about her ordeal, which led to the eventual arrest of the refugee.