ISIS claims responsibility for Berlin massacre

The assailant is still at large, armed and dangerous

According to international media, the ISIS claims that the perpetrator of Monday’s attack in Berlin that claimed the life of 12 people and injured 48, is an “Islamic State fighter”. The statement was made almost at the same time as the German authorities was releasing the 23 year old Palestinian that was initially arrested after the attack.

The statement was made public through the Amaq news agency, stating that the “fighter responded to the Call to Arms of the leaders of the Islamic State for attacks against the countries of the coalition.” It must be noted that it is the first time ISIS identifies an assailant as one of its own while he is still alive.

However, German analysts are doubtful of the real connections between the assailant and ISIS, arguing that claiming responsibility for every attack against western targets is a common tactic and as such it was anticipated.

The security measures in the German capital are increasing and they include not only the Christmas markets but practically all the city.