Island of Lesvos moved 4.4cm away from Chios after 6.3 earthquake

Scientists concerned portion of fault still not activated

The island of Lesvos has drifted 4.4 cm away from the island of Chios as a result of the powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake on June 12, scientists of the Athens National Observatory said. The director of the Observatory, Thanasis Ganas told newspaper “Ta Nea” that the exact coordinates of the islands were determined after data was collected from two stations which are located on both islands measured the exact distance between them. Seismologists have concluded that the earthquake was caused by the activation of the fault that lies south of Plomari. Scientists have expressed concern that the region located on the northwest of the fault that reached to Eresos has not yet been activated. Meanwhile, authorities are continuing to record the damage caused by the tremor, with the latest account putting the number of houses dangerous for habitation at 753.