“Isolation Waltz”: Greek composer aged 7 delivers inspiring piano performance amid coronavirus isolation (video)

The young boy played his own composition

Stelios Kerasidis drew inspiration from “those who are suffering and those who are isolated from Covid-19” and composed a piece of music he titled “The isolation waltz”.
The 7-year-old boy from Greece uploaded a video on his YouTube channel playing the music on his piano amid the coronavirus lockdown drawing a plentitude of positive and heartwarming comments. His melody has received over 63,000 in a short time.

The young music composer greeted his fans on the channel and sat down to deliver his performance with extra-ordinary poise and maturity for his age.

“Hello. I’m Stelios. Let’s be a little more patient and we will soon be swimming in the sea again “, the seven-year-old says in his brief introduction.

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