Watch Italian woman defend herself from rape by illegal migrant (video)

She used her pepper spray

Newly released footage shows how a Nigerian man assaulted and attempted to rape a 25-year-old woman on 20 July this year. Fortunately, she was able to defend herself with pepper spray, Italian newspaper Milano Corriere reports.

When the young woman got off work, she went to Milan’s Porta Garibaldi train station and was followed by the 31-year-old Nigerian migrant.

As seen on CCTV footage, he can be seen trying to assault her from behind but she successfully defends herself with pepper spray, causing him to flee.

“Today, I stopped the rapist, PS: I can’t tell you that he is an illegal Nigerian immigrant with a criminal record, because I’d be accused of racism.”

According to newspaper Milano Corriere, the migrant’s criminal record is well established and is six pages long. He was previously arrested back in 2017 when he attempted to rape another woman, also in a train station.