January 1, a day of extreme cold and snow around Greece (photos)

Central Greece is covered under layers of snow and the rest of Greece is also experiencing some traffic problems

January 1 begins in cold and wintry conditions. Huge problems are currently noted in central Greece with Magnesia covered in layers of snow. The region of Attica woke up to strong winds and low temperatures with frost on roads, whereas a large sector of the road network requires cars to have snow chains.

Οι θυελλώδεις άνεμοι που πνέουν από την Παραμονή της Πρωτοχρονιάς, σε συνδυασμό με το χιονόνερο και το χιόνι στα βόρεια προάστια, δημιουργούν συνθήκες παγετού στην Αττική. Η πυροσβεστική δέχθηκε εκατοντάδες κλήσεις για κοπές δέντρων και μετακίνηση αντικειμένων. Από τα λιμάνια του Πειραιά, του Λαυρίου και της Ραφήνας δεν φεύγει κανένα πλοίο, ενώ η κακοκαιρία αναμένεται να παρουσιάσει ύφεση από το απόγευμα και μετά.

At Volos and all the region of Magnesia, snow has reached half a meter even in the city center. Volos Mayor Achilles Beos has called on citizens to restrict their movements around the city and has called on the military to help in the region. At the mountain of Pelion, snow is up to two meters in height.

A large part of the road national and regional network is working as usual, but snow chains are required, especially around Thebes.