Kalashnikov, a Scorpion & guns fully loaded were found in the hands of the arrested “Archer of Syntagma”

A former associate of convicted terrorist Pola Roupa was arrested with him along with his girlfriend

A Kalashnikov, two pistols and one Scorpion submachine gun were found in the RAV4 jeep where the known anarchist Yiannis Michaelidis, also known as “Archer of Syntagma”, Konstantina Athanasopoulou and Michaelidis’ companion were arrested on Wednesday morning.

The three were stopped by men of the anti-terrorism police unit in Agia Paraskevi.

Police confirmed that all the guns were reportedly found ready to be used, with rounds in their barrels.

This, in fact, is a major concern for police officers, as they do not know if the weapons were loaded to respond if they were stopped or because they were ready for a hit, with recent estimates suggesting that they were probably preparing a robbery.

Michaelidis and the two women were being closely followed by the police since Christmas. Anti-terrorism police officers at the time found that they were traveling on the Athens-Thessaloniki axis and in the Peloponnese region, committing robberies in various cities with stolen cars which were then abandoned.

The weapons found have been sent to the Greek police laboratories to determine if they have been used in the past and to collect fingerprints and DNA samples.

The “Archer of Syntagma” had escaped from the prison of Tiryntha last June.

Two women, aged 26 and 28, were arrested with him on Wednesday in their car.

The 28-year-old is reportedly a former associate of Pola Roupa and the second is a friend of the “archer”. The same information says that the 28-year-old is Konstantina Athanasopoulou who was arrested in 2017 as she was providing shelter to Pola Roupa in an apartment in Ilioupoli. Then Kalashnikovs, pistols, grenades and 100.000 Euros were found.

Michaelidis has been charged with involvement in the “Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei” terrorist organization, for his part in the double robbery in Velvento Kozani, and he was serving a 13-year sentence following his conviction in 2015 for the fire exchange with police officers at Pefki, Attika.

Michaelidis got the nickname “Archer of Syntagma” since February 2011, where at the demonstrations during the economic crisis, he had then raised a bow against the police forces at Syntagma Square outside the Greek Parliament.