Kammenos: If Greece leaves Eurozone, Spain and Italy will follow

“We must find solutions within the Eurozone”

Defense Minister and junior coalition partner Panos Kammenos on Saturday offered his latest prediction regarding the “Greek issue”, saying that if country leaves the Eurozone other countries will follow.


Specifically, according to Reuters, Kammenos mentions that if Greece leaves the Eurozone, it will be followed by Spain and Italy.


The former conservative ND deputy who left to form his own populist-rightist party, the Independent Greeks (AN.EL), also claimed that Greece does not need a third bailout package, but a “debt haircut like the one received by (West) Germany in 1953…”


Moreover, he again cited the issue of illegal migrants, mostly Third World nationals, using Greece as a possible “transit” way in a bid to reach western Europe. He said Europe must think of the burden that the country bears as a “migration arrival center”. He also charged that Angela Merkel and other European leaders should… phone Turkish President Erdogan and advise him to follow a migrant readmission pact in order to ensure security of Greece’s borders.


“Turkey received EU funds and cannot allow Syrian refugees to freely travel to Greece. Turkey must adhere to its agreements, like Greece does,” he said.


As far as the sensitive subject of German WWII reparations, Kammenos commented: “All other European countries have been compensated for the Nazi atrocities, except for Greece. This is our historic obligation”.