Kammenos praises Greek armed forces for vigilance in face of Turkey’s provocations

Military gives us courage, he says on occasion of “Ochi Day” celebrations

On occasion of the 76th anniversary of the “OCHI DAY”, Minister of Defence Panos Kammenos issued a statement praising the readiness of the armed forces, adding that the heroic stance of the army in 1940, when it stopped the advancing fascist forces of Mussolini in its tracks, strengthened the hopes and expectations for the future of Greece. Kammenos lauded in his statement the vigilance of the Greek army, especially “today, when international laws and treaties were being challenged, mainly by Turkey”, he said. The Minister also commended the armed forces on their role and positive contribution during the refugee crisis. “All the nation honours and thanks you, you fill us courage and strength to overcome the challenges of our times, on a national and regional level”, Kammenos underlined. He reassured the military staff that despite the harsh fiscal conditions, the problems and injustices, a continuing cooperation and efforts were being made with the military leadership to resolve all the issues that concern the armed forces in order to help them execute their duties undistracted. “The eternal ‘OCHI-NO’ reminds us not only of the struggles of the Greek nation through the eons, but also the perpetual faith of the Greek people in defending the highest values of freedom and democracy”, Kammenos said.