Kyriakos Mitostakis press conference: There is no political responsibility withiout a resignation

Mitsotakis says people do not trust Tsipras and those in charge to deal with another disaster

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the leader of Greece’s major opposition party, New Democracy said PM Tsipras’s apology over the tragic deaths from the wildfires in Attica was useless without any resignation during the press conference on the fires in eastern Attica.

The leader of ND called for the case to be handed over to a special Judge in order for the real causes of the tragedy to come to light.

“The events have their own momentum and they are unchanging,” said Mitsotakis and stressed that “I can not understand how there can be the assumption of political responsibility without any resignation.” “Not do all our fellow citizens understand it. It must be accompanied by an act. How do these people perform their duties today? Toskas, Skourtetis, Dourou, the chief of the Fire Brigade and ELAS? Those same people might be called upon to manage another fire. Who has confidence in them to manage another disaster? ”

“We demand the obvious. Security for them and their families. They do not want more lies and ashes,” he said.

Mr Mitsotakis dubbed the Greek PM cynical and disastrous. He went on to say that the illegal buildings and structures must be torn down.

The leader of ND used harsh words over the actions by government officials during Monday evening on July 23 as the coordinating body was examining what moves to make. He noted that “the Greeks had a sense of the show being put on by the government as the coordinating body was meeting. We all had the impression that there was a disaster and the prime minister gave us the image of ease. Citizens do not only accuse Tsipras of incompetence but also of unprecedented cynicism and audacity.