Macron: We will not back down an inch to Turkish provocations

The French President said the EU expressed its full support to Greece and Cyprus

The President of France Emmanuel Macron expressed his full support for the Greek positions against the Turkish provocations, in his statements after the EU Brussels Summit.

In particular, Mr. Macron said:

“We returned to the issue of Turkey after the conclusions of October 2nd and especially in the aftermath of the resumption of unilateral actions and provocations on the part of Turkey, in order to reaffirm very clearly our intention for dialogue.

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But our conclusion is that after the conclusions of October 2, Turkey decided to continue with the same methods and, therefore reaffirmed our support to Cyprus and Greece, and our intentions not to give in the least in the face of these provocations.

We will return to this issue with decisions in the coming months, depending on the developments of Turkey’s behaviour.

Macron also added that the EU continues to seek a ceasefire as soon as possible in the conflicts between Armenia and Azerbaijan.