Migrant flows on the rise again: 400 people arrived on the islands in one week

The situation resembles what the country experienced in 2015


A total of 406 illegal immigrants and refugees arrived on the northern Aegean islands from Monday to Friday morning September 29th. The number of those who passed to the islands since September 1st, and were added to those already living there, is 3.519.

Since Monday, 207 arrivals in Lesvos, 156 in Chios and 43 in Samos were recorded at the reception and identification centers of the islands.

In total, 2,208 people are in Lesvos since September 1st, 567 in Chios and 832 in Samos, a total of 3,519.

The Turkish Coast Guard announced through its official website, that September 1st to September 28th it intervened in 62 incidents and returned to the Turkish coasts 2708 refugees and illegal immigrants before leaving the Turkish territorial waters.