MMA fighter vs. Tai Chi Master: Who won? (video)

MMA fighter destroys traditional martial arts master

Over 20 years ago the UFC was created to answer the question, which martial art is the best?
Decades after mixed martial arts was created as a universal sport, people still wonder what martial art is truly the best for fighting.
Xiaodong Xu, a 38-year-old MMA fighter and coach, recently insulted traditional Chinese martial arts and has said they are all style and no substance.
Xu challenged a Tai Chi fighter to a battle that not only pitted two different martial arts techniques against each other but also was a battle between traditional and modern martial arts.
The battle only lasted a few seconds. Below, you can see the fight in its entirety. It took only a couple of seconds for the MMA fighter to pummel his opponent to the ground and end the fight due to strikes.