Moment police shot unarmed boy, 16, in the back of head as he ran from them & killed him

Another officer is heard saying “Good Shot” in the body camera footage

This shocking footage shows the moment police fatally shot an unarmed teenager in the back of the head as he ran away from them.

The newly released surveillance footage captures 16-year-old Isiah Murrietta-Golding falling to the ground as he is shot from behind by an officer in Fresno, California in April 2017.

Officers pulled Isiah over and tried to detain him at a shopping center prior to the fatal shooting, but the teen ran from the officer after he ordered him to get down on his knees.

Authorities were investigating a shooting earlier in the day and they believed Isiah might be armed – but it was later discovered he was not.

Stuart Chandler, an attorney for the boy’s father, said: ‘Isiah and his brother were considered possible or probable suspects.

There was not a warrant for their arrest. There was no conduct by Isiah that day to ever show that he had a gun – because, of course, he didn’t.’

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