More Americans plan to go on holidays in 2019

Younger travelers willing to rent house for their holidays

71% of Americans plan to travel this summer (from May to September), compared with only 58% in 2018, according to a survey by the US banking services company Discover Financial Services. 55% of respondents said that their summer vacation will last from one to three days, 21% from four to six days, 12% one week, 6% from 8 to 13 days and 5% at least 2 weeks

46% said they planned a break up to three months before leaving, compared with 26% planning from 4 to 6 months and 11% seven to 9 months before holiday dates. While most Americans plan to have a holiday this year, younger generations tend to make more trips: 77% of Gen Z and 76% of millennials vs. 67% of baby boomers and 60% of Silent Generation.

The younger generations, 21% of Gen Z and 16% of millennials, are more open to renting homes for holiday stays compared to 8% of baby boomers and 5% of Silent Generation. 25% of Gen Z and 25% of millennials are looking to spend time with friends and family as a holiday priority while 41% of baby boomers are primarily seeking rest. View the table with the priorities of Americans on their holidays this year, per age group.