More parents name their babies Giannis after the “Greek Freak”

The popularity of the name has soared

There’s only one Giannis Antetokounmpo.

But likely because of the NBA star, there are now plenty of Giannises.

According to baby name data released by the U.S Social Security Administration late last month, the popularity of the name “Giannis” increased by 135% last year and is up 662% since 2016, when Antetokounmpo was en route to his first all-star appearance.

Fewer than five newborns in the U.S. were named Giannis as recently as 2015. In 2018, according to the data, there were 61 — including five in the state of Wisconsin.

Sports, music and other aspects of popular culture have long provided inspiration for parents as they name their children. But in 2018, there was no other name from the world of sports that spiked in popularity quite like Giannis — a clear nod to the Milwaukee Bucks forward who is the odds-on favorite to win this year’s NBA MVP award.

source: usatoday