Museum and archaeological site visitors up for November, says ELSTAT

Free entry visitors also up

The number of visitors to museums for November has increased substantially, according to the Hellenic Statistical Services (ELSTAT). The data showed a 7.2% increase, while revenue was up by 16.6%. A slight fall of 0.9% was recorded for free entry visitors.

The percentage of visitors for the 7-month period between January and November 2017, rose by 15.9%, with free entry visitors up by 13.3%, while revenues increased by 20.7%.

According to ELSTAT data, visits to archaeological sites also recorded a 17.8% rise in November 2017, with free entry visitors up by 11,6%, and an increase of 15,8% in revenues. In the January-November period for archaeological sites, visitors grew by 18.4%, free entry visitors by 20.8%, while revenues were up by 18.3%.

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