NATO: Greece and Turkey agree to suspend military exercises

Greece said it was willing to do so, provided the Oruc Reis left the Greek continental shelf

Greece and Turkey have agreed to cancel military exercises scheduled for next week, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg claimed.

Stoltenberg had proposed a reciprocal suspension of military exercises during religious and national holidays, a suspension of Turkish seismic surveys, and a settlement of the dispute under international law.

The NATO head welcomed the decision of both sides.

Abstaining from military exercises during national and religious holidays is considered one of the old Confidence Building Measures (MOE) between Greece and Turkey, although in practice it has been constantly violated by Turkey.

Sources from the Greek side state that Greece is not negative to such an agreement, clarifying, however, that it has yet to be achieved while adding that a necessary condition was the departure of the Oruc Reis from the Greek continental shelf.

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