ND leads SYRIZA in latest poll for European and Parliamentary elections

The major opposition party claims an absolute majority of undecided votes are counted under proportional distribution

Major opposition party New Democracy leads ruling SYRIZA in the latest poll carried out by Metron Analysis and aired in Alpha TV’s nightly bulletin hosted anchor Antonis Sroiter.
According to the data, ND is ahead by 7.8 points for national elections and 7.3 points for the European elections.
The findings showed that 27,2%, of the respondents, intended to vote ND for the upcoming European elections, followed 19,9%, who chose SYRIZA, the Movement of Change (KINAL) with 6,6%, followed by KKE with 5.8% and Golden Dawn with 4.6%.

Regarding the question on how the people would vote in the parliamentary elections, ND received 28,8%, SYRIZA 21% followed by KINAL with 6,7%, Golden Dawn with 5,1% and KKE with 5 %.
In the event of a possible scenario where the undecided ballots are incorporated under proportional distribution, the gap expends in favour of ND to 10.2 points giving the major opposition party an absolute majority (37.5% for ND and 27.3% for SYRIZA).
The poll also showed ND President Kyriakos Mitsotakis leads Alexis Tsipras on the question of “who is most suitable to be prime minister”, with 28% against 23%, respectively.