New provocation: Skopje advertise the 2000-year-old Macedonian wines as part of their heritage!

One more conscious violation of the Prespes Agreement


Not two months have passed since the ratification of the Prespes Agreement and Skopje not only seem unwilling to comply with its terms but, on the contrary, they insist on trying to steal the Greek history and heritage.

After the incident in the Berlin International Tourism Fair, FYROM will participate in a wine exhibition to be held in Düsseldorf between 17 and 19 March with the “Wines of Macedonia Association” with the slogan “more than 2.000 years of wine making tradition”.

Their aim is to promote and establish the brand name “Macedonian Wines”. In fact, in the main picture on the association’s website, there is an amphora which carries the Greek symbol of the “Sun of Vergina”.

Although the country is still called the “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)” on the official website of the exhibition, “Wines of Macedonia Association” advertises its products as a result of a 2000-year-old tradition.

Practically, Greece’s neighbors advertise that more or less they…discovered wine(!) while at the same time the Greek Prime Minister is celebrating the Prespes Agreement with the argument that it establishes and secures Greece’s history, heritage and culture…

The “Wines of Macedonia Association” directly violates Article 7 of the Prespes Agreement, which provides for the preservation of Greek culture, history and heritage from antiquity to the present day, while it stipulates that FYROM has “their own history, culture and heritage, distinctly different from those of the Greek side”.