New York talks: Greece and FYROM have agreed on all! Seek common ground on name

Talks momentarily interrupted for dinner

The scheduled meeting between Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias and his FYROM counterpart, Nikola Dimitrov, in New York, is underway, in the presence of the special UN mediator, Matthew Nimetz, at the United Nations headquarters. Talks were briefly interrupted for … dinner, and are expected to resume later.

The technical level staff of both sides are also meeting, as was the case at their recent meetings in Vienna and Cape Sounion.

According to yesterday’s press briefing by the Greek minister, Greece would be coming to the table of talks with a genuine willingness to achieve a solution.
Today’s negotiations in New York are expected to largely determine the outcome of the six-month talks aiming at the settlement of the name issue, paving the way for FYROM to join NATO while also opening EU accession talks.

As an overall deal seems to have been agreed upon, the only pending matter is an acceptable name by both sides. From the names that have seen the light so far, the name “Republika Makedonija (Skopje)” – “Republic of Macedonia (Skopje)” has already been rejected by the Greek side, while Skopje insists on “Ilinden’s Macedonia”.

The UN special mediator, Matthew Nimetz, has tabled a series of names that are currently being discussed in New York.

1. Republika Nova Makedonija (Republic of Macedonia)
2. Republika Severna Makedonija (Republic of Northern Macedonia)
3. Republika Gorna Makedonija (Upper Macedonia)
4. Republika Vardarska Makedonija (Republic of Macedonia of Vardar)

FYROM reportedly rejects Vardarska. Thus, Nova Makedonija and Gorna Makedonija are more likely to be put forward, while sources suggest that a new proposal has been tabled.