Olaf Scholz: We have the chance for a decision on debt relief at the end of June

The negotiations don’t seem to end quite yet

“We have the chance for a very good decision, at the end of June, on debt relief, as well as the framework for a post-memorandum surveillance,” German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said on Tuesday in an interview.

“I am waiting for the last reviews and the final decisions to be taken for Greece and in the end of June we will be able to talk about the future and the post-memorandum period,” Scholz said.

Asked on the negotiations with the IMF, he said that “we are examining the situation in order to decide.”

Scholz stressed that “Greece is well performing. We see significant progress in the country, growth is much better than somebody was expecting two or three years ago. This is evident.”

Source: thegreekobserver