Over 500 Greeks commit suicide on annually, data shows

The real numbers are estimated to be higher, experts say

More than 500 people have committed suicide in Greece over the past years on an annual basis, according to international surveys. The data shows that between 5 to 10 people are affected for every suicide not only by experiencing the psychosocial impact of the stigma associated with suicide, but they also belong to a the high-risk population for suicide.
The number of Greeks who have taken their lives in the past 5 years has been on a steady rise, according to official data by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) available till 2014 and figures released by the latest trends from the World Suicide Prevention Day. The data shows that men are more vulnerable than women as in 2014 425 males took their lives, compared to 115 women. Experts estimate that suicides are in fact much more than the those recorded, as there are no data for the unsuccessful attempts, which are believed to be 25 more than the registered ones.