Panos Kammenos: Meeting with PM Tsipras postponed

The Greek Defence Minister said he would wait until the complications in the FYROM Parliament was cleared up

Defence Minister and leader of junior coalition partner ANEL, Panos Kammenos told reporters Friday afternoon that his meeting with Greek PM Alexis Tsipras, where the future of the coalition government was expected to be discussed in light of the Prespes Agreement would be postponed due to complications in the parliamentary talks in FYROM related to the reforms linked to the deal between Greece and FYROM.

“Until the delay in Skopje has been cleared, we agreed to postpone our meeting,” Panos Kammenos told reporters.
The approval of constitutional reforms in FYROM has stalled after the Zaev government failed to summon the 80 necessary votes to pass the changes deriving from the Prespes Agreement.
Developments were rapid in the Greek political scene after ANEL had decided to vote against the Prespes Agreement when it was brought for debate in the parliament, a decision which had prompted PM Alexis Tsipras to announce on TV that he would call for a no-confidence motion.