PM Tsipras: IMF persistence for more measures is anti-democratic (full press conference video)

Post EU Summit press conference

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras appeared optimistic that the financial benefit her promised to pensioners would not be withheld, in a press conference held after the EU Summit meeting in Brussels. The Greek PM focused on the insistence of the IMF for the adoption of more measures after the completion of the fiscal adjustment program, dubbing it “anti-democratic”. He claimed that no parliament could legislate measures to take effect 3 years later, while he urged the Fund to put more pressure on the European partners for lower surplus targets. Mr. Tsipras made detailed reference to the Summit schedule and pointed out the new action plan to deal with the refugee crisis would reinforce Greece, and by extension Europe in efforts to stem the migrant and refugee flow. He reiterated the Greece was shouldering a disproportionate share of the problem. The new plan focuses on the relocation procedures and the strengthening of infrastructures in Greece to deal with the large number of migrants and refugees. On the Cypriot matter he underlined that it was a European one, adding that the EU had to assume a more active role in its solution, especially at a crucial juncture given the escalation of Turkish provocations. The Greek PM expressed hope that the second review of the Greek program would soon be completed.