Polls in Proto Thema Sunday show ND gaining absolute majority

Fofi Gennimata favoured by voters to head centre-left coalition

Two polls published in Proto Thema newspaper offer some insight into the current the political reality of Greece, showing that the electorate are ready for a change in office, something know for some time now from earlier polls, choosing major opposition party New Democracy (ND) to lead the nation. According to the first gallop conducted by Marc, ND has a steady double digit lead against ruling leftist rivals SYRIZA by 10.7%. The conservatives have a 27.2% approval by those polled, compared to SYRIZA’s 16.5%, which gives ND the absolute majority in Parliament with 156 MPs. The poll also asks the respondent their views and preferences on which political candidate from the broader centre-left political bloc should lead the under formation centre-left party, with the majority seeing PASOK leader Fofi Gennimata as the best choice.