Prosecutor against extradition of 2 of the 8 Turkish military officers

Their lives in danger, she claims

Vasiliki Theodorou, the Prosecutor of the penal division of the Supreme Court of Greece proposed that two of the eight Turkish military officers, who defected to Greece seeking political asylum during the July military coup in Turkey, should not be extradited, during the hearing, Tuesday.

The prosecutor argued that the officers would not have a fair hearing if extradited to Turkey, adding that their life would be in danger and they could face “torture and humiliation”. “There is a serious danger they will suffer torture, inhumane and degrading treatment, while they also face the risk of being tried by judges who do not have the guarantee of having impartial and independent judgment”, Theodortou said. To support her suggestion the prosecutor outlined the fact that thousands of public servants had been fired since the failed coup of July 16, while thousands others had been detained by the Turkish authorities.

The first officer told the court his wife and his brother had both been fired from their jobs without reason, while his bank accounts and assets had been frozen. “We came to Greece to save our lives and they are calling us traitors”, he said. The second defendant said was always a supporter of the secular state of Turkey, adding that his human rights in Turkey had been abolished.

The judges are expected to give their verdict on the two on January 23.