Rajoy: No domino effect in case of Grexit

Statements by the Spanish Prime Minister

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy sent a clear message towards Greece on Monday, calling on the latter to respect its commitments.


Specifically, the Spanish PM claimed that Greece must keep its promises to the Eurozone, like everyone else.


Speaking on the radio, he made it clear that he has no wish for Greece to leave the Eurozone, since it would not be good either for the Greeks or the totality of the European peoples.


He underlined that a Grexit would not cause a “domino effect” in the Eurozone.


He also explained that “Spain has survived through the worst part” since it is now “fully refinanced by markets”.


“We are in a position to help Greece but Greece must also help itself, taking their commitments into account like other EU member-states”, said the Spanish PM.


Concerning the strained relations between Greece and Germany he commented that “nobody can go forth in life trading blows with everyone else. Things are directed by dialogue and in a civilized way”.