Refugees leave Elliniko and head to Idomeni on foot (pics+vid)

Dozens of exhausted people carrying their children and their luggage started walking in the street

The Greek government is still unable to deal with thousands of refugee and immigrants who are trapped in Greece following the decision of FYROM to close its borders.

Temporary migrant settlements have been created in parks and squares in the centre of Athens and Piraeus port.

More than fifty tents are set in a park in the center of Greece’s capital. The situation is out of control, since more refugees and immigrants are arriving every day, while Greek authorities have not taken action. Only the people of NGOs who have rushed to the area are trying to help and coordinate the situation.


Moreover, shortly before 1pm, hundreds of refugees, who had spent the night at former airport at Elliniko where no facilities were available, decided to leave and head to Idomeni, northern Greece on foot hoping that they will be able to enter FYROM.

Dozens of exhausted people carrying their children and their luggage started walking in the street, while the drivers did not know how to react.


Piraeus port has also been turned into a hotspot with people sleeping in tents and sleeping bag wherever they can find an empty spot. In fact, many of them had to sleep on the floor without even having a blanket.


Toddlers and young children were crying and everyone was asking the Greek government to let them continue their journey.

On Friday morning migrants and refugees held a protest rally at Piraeus port asking the authorities to let them go to Larissa train station so as to head to Greece’s border with FYROM.

“We want to leave. We do not want to stay in Greece. We are staying her without our will, ” said to an Afghan refugee who arrived in Greece with his brother and a friend.